19 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. This is most impressive!

    And the fact that it was done in less than 2 man days certainly bodes well for the viability of SQRL.

    Dave (Using my Throwaway Identity.)

  2. This worked great. Thank you!

    FWIW, I was in Firefox in Linux, with the Firefox SQRL plugin. It showed my the QR code. I used the iOS app, which then prompted me for my password. The iOS app asked me if I wanted to create an identity for this web site; I hit Yes, and the web site logged me in. Could not have been easier.

    Next step: figuring out how to add this to my WordPress web sites.

  3. I am grateful to you (and all other SQRL contributors) for creating this. I have been thinking about a way to implement the same thing for a long long time. I find it interesting to see that my thoughts are mirrored by Steve’s solution. I can’t wait to deploy this on multiple projects.

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